Welcome everyone,
My name is Malia.
I am here to share with you my creativity and encourage you to do the same.
To seek opportunity, share ideas and explore this wonderful asset of the mind.

I had a dream to write a story about what the world would be like with more creativity.
Something I could add all my ideas, projects and share my inspiration in.
But then I soon realized that wanting a storybook with a bunch of papers my ideas are expressed on, all organized and binned together was just the beginning.
Only the first page in the endless book of my dreams.

My ultimate dream is to make our world a more creative place.
My world and your world.
So what better way than to put those ideas on more than just paper, but to action?
To creation?
And what better way to create that experience than to create personalized ideas?
Ideas to inspire those who seek them.
Ideas to inspire those who share them.
Ideas to inspire all who create them.

What better opportunity is there to find, than the one you can create on your own?
Well there is always a better, but this way is the best one for my creativity.

So come join me as we start to create our own stories about what our world would be like with more creativity.
Where we explore all our own adventures in our imaginations.

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